Track: IS in Healthcare

Track Co-chairs:

Yu TONG, Zhejiang University,

Nilmini WICKRAMASINGHE, Deakin University,

Sharon TAN, National University of Singapore,

Description and Topics of Interest:

Information systems (IS) is increasingly embedded in all aspects of health and wellness to transform reactive care to proactive and preventive care, and clinic-centric practice to patient-centered practice. Many promising IS-related healthcare innovations have emerged such as smart hospitals, mobile health, wearable health/medical devices, personalized and precision medicine. Such innovations are transforming healthcare delivery paradigm to create greater access, improve quality of care, lower cost of care, extract value from big data, etc. However, many challenges and issues have arisen as a result, such as issues related with massive health care data integration, security, privacy and the socio-technical aspects of patient safety.

Possible topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Innovations in health care technologies
  • Management of smart health devices and systems
  • Smart hospitals, wellness and citizen-centric healthcare systems
  • Clinical and medical data modeling and analytics
  • Wireless wearable healthcare technologies and services
  • Big data and analytics in healthcare
  • EHealth in emergency and disaster relief systems
  • Mobile health
  • Privacy, security and trust issues in health system solutions
  • Health IT in small and rural communities
  • Information governance in healthcare
  • Emerging Trends in health informatics system