Track: E-Government in a Digitized Society

Track Co-chairs:

Calvin CHAN, Singapore University of Social Sciences,

Satish KRISHNAN, Indian Institute of Management,

Rony MEDAGLIA, Copenhagen Business School,

Description and Topics of Interest:

The increasing digitalization of our societies is presenting both opportunities and challenges to governments, businesses and individuals. This track on ‘e-Government in a Digitized Society’ focuses on the opportunities and challenges upon governments.

The development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and its applications, such as artificial intelligence, big-data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), is transforming the function, form and structure of government. ICT is also disrupting social norms as well as business operations and models, which in-turn complicates the governance of societies. What are some of the challenges and issues that contemporary governments need to address in such digitized societies? Why do these challenges and issues exist? How are they formed and how can they be addressed or mitigated? These are questions that are of interest to this track.

At the same time, the digitization of societies also presents opportunities and benefits to government in improving how societies may be governed. Visionary programmes such as Smart Cities, Open Government and Participatory Democracy are all novel public administration innovations that are enabled through the use of ICT. What are the challenges and successes in implementing these novel public administration innovations? Why are some implementation of these more successful than others? How can governments harness the opportunities and realise the benefits presented by the digitization of societies? These are more questions that are of interest to this track.

Papers that are of a conceptual, analytical, or empirical nature, which develop or extend theory and practice, are welcome. We encourage all methods of research including, simulations, field experiments, case studies, and surveys.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Government
  • Analytics in Government
  • Big Data in Government
  • Cloud Computing in Government
  • ICT in Government
  • IoT in Government
  • Social Media in Government
  • E-Government Case Studies
  • E-Government Service Delivery
  • Governance of Digitized Societies
  • ICT-Enabled Participatory Democracy
  • Digital Divide and Digital Social Inclusiveness
  • Open Government
  • Open Government Data
  • Smart Cities